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Author, Artist, Entrepreneur, Networking Queen

Yasna Vismale (she/hers) is from Seattle, Washington. She is the child of a mother who immigrated from Japan and to her father who is of Afro-Caribbean descent. Growing up biracial, moving around neighborhoods, and being low income, she had to be creative in building long lasting friendships with her peers, teachers in a limited amount of time and because she did not come from the same backgrounds as them.

Yasna is currently an undergraduate at Columbia University studying Sustainable Development and Philosophy. She has been sponsored by Columbia for her research in Sustainable Development, is a Coca Cola National Scholar, Questbridge National Scholar, Forbes under 30 Scholar, Global Kraft Fellow. She also is a professional model, film composer, trumpet player, and visual artist. She loves stand up comedy and her favorite book is Trevor Noah's Born a Crime.  Yasna also loves food and rather than eat to live, she lives to eat. 

PC: Marissa Yates 

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